Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carrom boards

Growing up, we had one of these, my cousins & I played on it often. Then we grew up, and I was no longer interested in it. I sold it at a yard sale. Dang, why did I do that? In recent years, I've wished I had it back, not to play, but to hang on the wall.
Everytime George & I scouted antique malls, I'd see one, & I'd tell my sad story.

"I had one of those, & sold it cheap at a yard sale."
"I wish I had it back so I could hang it on the wall."
"Poor me."

And, everytime, he would say, "why don't you buy this one?"
And I'd say, "I don't want THAT one, I want the one I sold"

Then one day, we saw this one.................

That one I couldn't pass up!

This happened at the same time Kevin moved out, & I had a bedroom to decorate. That old carrom board filled up a small wall pretty quickly.
Within a month or so, these 2 pretty much fell into my lap.............

They helped fill a corner. And now, I went from boo-hooing about having none, to having a small collection of 3!

My theory is that God got tired of hearing me complain.
He said, "You want a carrom board? Here, take 3 and quit complaining!"

Within the next few months, I picked up 3 more, all like the one in the top picture. They are all for sale in the shop.

Game boards are such great decorative pieces, but they can be quite pricey. These old carrom boards fill a big space, are not that expensive, and look really cool!

We have friends who use their carrom board to..................
well, they actually USE theirs to play games on.
Imagine that!

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