Saturday, January 1, 2011

Country life = recording your past

Jessica had a great idea.

She's taking pictures of the family heirlooms in our house. Our house is mainly decorated with relics from our past, or from our parents or even our grandparents past. None of these are worth much in terms of money,but they are worth more than we can say in sentimental value.

She's taking pictures, and I'm telling her the story behind each family treasure. And she's writing it all down.
She's going to put the pictures on a CD, along with the stories. Now there will be a permanent record of each thing.

What a great idea! Time consuming, yes. But it will be worth the trouble.

It's funny how much we forget. I used to know the story behind each piece we have in a cupboard. I still know most of it, but there are some "hmmm" pieces.

Did that come from my side of the family?
From George's?
From an auction?

Yes, it's a great idea to take pictures, and record the history.
Might be a great idea for your family too!

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