Thursday, January 27, 2011

Penmanship follow-up


I just had a very interesting discussion with Jessica. She hadn't seen my post on penmanship yet, so it was just a coincidence when this came up....

She was telling me that some states and/or schools are no longer teaching their students how to write in cursive! Some aren't even bothering to teach how to print. Their thinking? Why teach how to write with a pencil when you can use a keyboard?

I'm appalled by this news. Obviously I have nothing against modern technology, after all, I'm typing this on a computer, and you are reading it on one. But.....computers are certainly not the end all.

Kids NEED to know how to write - and, they NEED to know how to read what other's wrote! For a very interesting discussion on this topic, see the following:

I didn't take the time to read through all the comments, but I did skim over them. Lots of good points being brought up. What happens when kids can no longer read things their grandparents wrote in cursive? Is the time very far off when kids will need translators to read old papers....our history? What happens if kids are in class, and their laptop dies - will they have to stop taking notes because they never learned how to write?

She also said she has read that some schools don't bother teaching kids how to read a clock. So, unless it's digital, they can't tell what time it is.

What has happened to common sense!?!

Sorry, rant over.

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