Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

Cold, cold, cold.
Normally, I can handle being cold better than being hot.
But every once in awhile I don't handle the cold too well either.
Today is one of those days, & according to the forecast, tomorrow will be worse.

This old building the store is in is hard to keep warm.
I usually do ok with a space heater beside me, but not today.
I can feel the cold coming up through the floor,
which is resulting in my feet being VERY cold.
Which makes me cold all over.
Which makes my mind become mush.
Which makes me not want to do anything.
Well, I do want to do one thing....
I want to go home and curl up under a blanket!

In the meantime, I'm thinking warmer thoughts to try to keep my sanity.

It was warm this day last May when George & Kevin were putting in hay.
I'd venture to say it was probably even hot, it always seems to be hot on hay days.

Hot sounds good right now, though I'll change my mind when the hot days come.
Fickle creatures aren't we?

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