Sunday, February 13, 2011

Following a blog

"If I follow a blog, what will the blog author see about me?"

"Will they know where I'm from?"

"Will they know how often I stop by to visit?"

"Will they know my name?"

I wondered these things before I started my own blog. I didn't have too clear of an understanding on how it works. I'm a pretty private person (I know, I know, then why did you start a public blog?). And as a private person, I was afraid to officially follow the blogs I enjoy reading.

Now that I have my own, it's all much clearer to me, and I thought maybe you might be wondering too how it works. I feel better knowing how private it really is.

I can go look at my stats anytime to see how many people have looked at my blog over the course of the day, or week, or month, or since the beginning. I can see from what countries those visits have come from, and what web browser (firefox, internet explorer etc.) brought those visits to me. I can also see if a visit came from my facebook page, or from craigslist, or my website etc. Or if someone typed in specific search words to find the blog.

But, that's it. If you are only visiting, but not not officially following, that's all I know.

However, if you choose to follow me, I might be able to see just a bit more, but that is entirely based on what you want me to see. When you sign up to follow a blog, you can put in your name, or leave it anonymous. Or, you can make up a name. Further, you can end it there, or put more info in that would lead to your own blog or website or profile. But only if you want to. You are in control of that.

So if you want to follow a blog, be reassured that if you want to remain private, you will be.

Am I the only one who wonders about things like that?

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