Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rusty hearts, stars and flags oh my!

Yesterday, when talking about the snow and ice, I mentioned that I would have pictures today of the project we were working on in the garage. I know you have been pacing the floor, breathlessly checking your computer every few minutes to see our latest project.

Ok. I'm being delusional.

But, I know I'm being delusional. When you know, you're ok. It's when you don't know that it becomes a problem. But, I digress.

The project is......................................


As in rusty stars, rusty hearts, and rusty flags..........

These are cut from old, rusty, corrugated metal roofing that came off a barn.

Some of my long time customers may say, "hey, wait a minute, you've had those before!" And that would be true. We made a bunch of these a few years ago, and had just a handful left. We recently found more of the old roofing, and decided to make more. What you see in the pictures is not even half of what we have....

The ones in the box still need the wire hanger attached. Those are all smaller. We have lots of them still at home that I have to drill the holes in for the hanger, then of course, they need the hanger attached.

I thought I may finish them tonight, but that may have to wait.

Why? Because tomorrow...........THE TAXMAN COMETH!

I better make sure all my paperwork is in order - he probably wants to see everything in nice, neat rows. Nothing delusional. CPA'a probably don't do delusional.

But then, if you have to try to understand the tax code every year, delusional might be a good thing.

Speaking of delusional..........................when I put the above pictures on the computer, I clicked the wrong button, and they ended up in one of Jessica's picture files. And somehow, everytime I went into it to pull one out for the blog, it made another copy of each picture in it. And each time I went into the file, the first picture I saw was this...............

And because it was making copies, I'd see it over and over!

I beginning to think that not only is my son-in-law Brian laughing at me, but he's calling all his friends to tell them how crazy I really am!

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