Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Playing again

After all the work Jessica and I did getting a country lane background on the blog, I decided it wasn't working. I loved it on my big monitor at home, but it wasn't doing a thing for me on the small one at the store.


So, I decided to try again. A whole new look again. (So many choices!)

The lane that is now in the heading, (where the blog title is) is a very familiar site. It's right outside our front door at home! It was taken during the summer, right after the hay had been baled into round bales.

We'll try this look for a couple days, or at least till I get a chance to look at it on another monitor or two.


Anonymous said...

I like this one you have up now that is outside of your front door. It looks just like a 'country lane'.

Barb said...

Thanks. The great thing about living on this lane is the peace, the quiet, and not much traffic. The bad thing? The dust!

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