Saturday, February 5, 2011

Playing with flowers

I don't pretend to be a florist. Not at all.
And with a very capable florist right next door, as well as others in town, I don't pretend to be a florist.
Not at all.


I miss having flowers in the shop.
Back in the days when I had consignment crafters, I had flowers.
Beautiful flowers. But, I stopped consignment. And there went the flowers.
And, as I said, I don't pretend to be a florist.


I notice when I look at decorator magazines, there are always flowers.
But...not arranged flowers. Not like the ones in the floral shop.
Not, um, like the one at funeral homes, or weddings.
The kind I can't do. Not if my life depended on it.

Well, maybe if my life depended on it I could do it.
Let's hope it doesn't come down to that.
But I digress.

Anyway, I decided to start playing with flowers.
Not fancy arrangements, just sort of throwing some in containers I already have.
Like I would do if I picked flowers at home and  put in a vase.
Like the unfancy (is that a word?) ones in the magazines.

These are my first attempts. Please don't laugh.

These are in old aluminum coffee pots.

This was just a big brown jar.

The tiger lillies are left over from Jessica's wedding.

I threw the red flowers in the one on the floor.
It doesn't show, but these are in a large tin of some sort.
I tied a scrap piece of fabric around it, and it had red in it, so I threw in some red flowers.
Not sure I like them in there though.

If I can do these, so can you.
But, if you'd be so sweet as to actually buy them from me, I'd truly appreciate it!

Think spring!

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