Friday, February 18, 2011

If only they could talk

As I was looking through old pictures on my computer, I ran across the following ones. Keep in mind, most of these are old photos, so the treaures in them have already been sold.

They are a good representation of the type of antiques we keep on hand though.

The kind we are always looking for.

The kind that makes us wish they could talk so we could hear their stories.

What tools were in these boxes? What great things did the carpenter make using those tools?

Who used these stools? Why?

What was the city like when these shutters were on a house built in 1909? What was the daily routine of the family who lived in the house? Did the windows ever get broke with a stray baseball?

Where did these suitcases and trunks travel to...or from? School? Military? A new country?


What kind of farm did this wheel toil on?

Who rode this bike? What after school adventures did it see?

How many babies started their life, and their travels, in this stroller? How did their life turn out?

What concoctions did these bottles hold?

What was the lady of the house like? Did she enjoy cooking for her family every day?

Did she make the best apple pie in the county?

Did she lovingly teach her daugher to cook on her new gas range?

If only they could talk.

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