Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breakfast, Jessica style

I decided to have a bowl of corn flakes this morning, and while I was getting out the bowl, and the spoon, and the corn flakes, my mind started to wander (it's a common problem).

All at once, I realized I was absent-mindedly pouring orange juice onto my corn flakes! I started laughing, then poured off as much orange juice as I could. I looked at the bowl, wondered briefly if I should just throw away the corn flakes and start over, then laughed again as my mind went racing back.....

Who is that in the photo? Jessica, when she was close to two years old. (She's 25 now, where did the time go?) Jessica was eating her cereal, well, in this photo, she is actually feeding her cereal to a little plastic bear. Details, details.

Anyway, see that blue sippy cup on the left? That's orange juice. When Jessica got done feeding the bear, she would do what she did every morning  - she would pour the orange juice into her cereal. Being the unadventurous, boring adults that we were, her daddy and I would put milk on her cereal. She made life a little more exciting when she poured the juice in. It didn't take long for the juice and milk to start curdling. And that's when she liked it!

Well Jessica, it took me many years, but this morning I followed your lead. I did pour most of the juice off my cereal, but then I went ahead and added the milk. Guess what? It was quite good! It added a little sweetness, of course that may have just been because I was smiling at the memory.

While I'm telling stories about Jessica in a high chair, I also laugh when I remember doing dishes as she ate one morning. She was singing, but that was nothing new, she sang all the time. But I slowly realized what she was singing. "There's a bowl on my head, there's a bowl on my head". Oh no! I turned just as she was about to turn her full bowl of cereal over on her head. Whew, that was close!

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