Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow and ice = closed today

George just came in from midnight shift and said the roads are a sheet of ice. We only got an inch or so of snow here, just north of us they picked up several inches. But our inch of snow is mixed with quite a bit of ice. The store will be closed today.

Kevin spent the night plowing snow - he works for a landscaping company who spend their winter keeping hospital lots clean. I talked to him a few minutes ago, the roads are even worse where he is. He didn't sound too, too bad for working all night without getting any sleep first!

Our CRV sat outside during the evening hours because of a project we were working on in the garage (pictures on that tomorrow!) When I went out at 10 pm to put it in, it was covered in a layer of ice. The only door that would open was the back hatch. No choice but to crawl up through. I'm getting too old for this!

A couple days ago, it was in the 60's, and some of our flowers shot up............

All right, all right, I'm exaggerating. Those aren't our flowers. Wasn't it nice of HP to put those pretty tulips in the sample pictures they loaded on our computer? But, some of our flowering bulbs did shoot up about 3 inches. We never get pretty tulips though. They get just ready to bloom, and then they are gone overnight.

The deer LOVE tulips.

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