Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February's First Friday & Saturday Event - to be, or not to be

What to do? And, what was I thinking?

Our very first First Friday & Saturday Event is scheduled for this Friday & Saturday. Why? Because it's the first Friday and Saturday of the month - hence the name. (We didn't schedule one in January because of the holiday).

But if I had been thinking, I wouldn't have scheduled it till March. Why? Because February is notorious for snow, and cold, and ice, and cold, and bad roads, and cold, and nasty winds, and cold, and...........well.............February can be a pretty mean month. All those things add up to customers staying home, just like I want to be.

So, I wish now I hadn't planned on one for February. I was going to do a bulk mailing for those on my mailing list, with details about how it will work. But, I decided it very well may be a waste of money to mail it right now.

As it stands right now, (per the current weather forecast), I will have the Event on Friday, but Saturday isn't looking so good. I learned the hard way 2 years ago that it's not worth opening the store when the roads are bad. Customers don't come out, and I total my car.............

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So................check here and on facebook to see if I'm having the Event this weekend or not. I may not make the final decision till each morning, but as of now, Friday sounds ok, and Saturday? We'll see. The last report I heard is calling for snow, ice and rain that day. Mean, mean, mean!

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