Thursday, February 10, 2011


Check out these cool spindles that used to be part of a bannister.

Some of them are a little charred - there had been a house fire!
Most are around 26 to 33 inches or so.
Endless possibilities with these.

So what can you do with spindles?

These spindles are from the back of some kitchen chairs.

These were table legs, now they are candle holders, or anything else you want to stick on top.

We have so many other projects on tap right now, I decided to bring the bannister spindles into the store as is.
There may be some DIY folks who will want them for their own projects.

I'm selling the bannister spindles cheap!
$2 each, or 3/$5

1 comment:

Stringy Sisters said...

Love these. I am actually making some today. I seen a picture somewhere on the net and wanted to give it a shot.
Love the birdhouse idea.

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