Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flower pots and the Big Event

There's something about old clay flower pots...............

I have oodles of these, all 4 inch and under.
I just love the patina on them.
One look, and you know these have been used.
I normally clean vintage items, but not these.
Well, I knocked off any cobwebs I saw, but I didn't wash them.
The bits of dirt that is sticking to them is part of their charm.

And, I'm normally good about not keeping my finds for myself.
But, I had lots of these, and I couldn't resist.
I kept out 15 pots & 15 saucers for my porch.
There's just something about old clay flower pots!

I'm going ahead with the First Friday & Saturday Event on Fri. Feb. 4th.
The weather looks good for it, but Sat. is still iffy, I'll keep you posted.
See the post below this one to see what I'm talking about.
Remember, all regular priced items in the store will be 20% off!
You can earn Event Bucks!
And sign up for a nice door prize that I forgot to take a picture of!

The door prize consists of:
A large painted bowl, red and black
Tommy and Tyler, a set of dolls from Honey and Me
A small block wood church
2 felt Americana stars
A small slate, painted Americana style
A set of grubby candles bundled together

If sold separately, the retail price is just over $58.00!
How can you win it? Just come in during the Event and sign up.
Absolutely free!

(Try to come on Friday, in case Old Man Winter strikes on Saturday!)

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