Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dry brushing

I wanted to show a lattice display piece I have that was stained brown.
This picture doesn't show much of it, but maybe you can get the idea...

Ignore the pip berries, and look at the lattice behind them, noticing the brown color.
George made this years ago when I was doing craft shows.
Why did I stain it brown? I guess I wasn't thinking.

To make it worse, I've used it here in the shop since I opened in 2002.
Still brown, which made it hard to see things on it.
Why didn't I ever paint it white? I guess I wasn't thinking.

But I am now! I took it home last night, and dry brushed antique white on it.

Now the pips (or anything else) will show up better.

In case you don't know, dry brushing is a very easy technique.
Dip your brush in just a little paint, then blot some of that paint off.
You want very little paint in your brush.
Lightly run your brush across your surface you are  painting.
You are just lightly covering your surface, leaving some of the original surface peeking through.
It gives a wonderful shabby look.
I've found that it's easier to do if the surface is slighty rough, like on this lattice.
On a smoother surface, you have to have just the slightest bit of paint on your brush.

Try it on a scrap piece of wood till you get the hang of it, then have fun playing!

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